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October Dog in the Spotlight - Bailey

Happy Autumn, Everyone! I'd like to introduce you to Bailey!

Bailey is a sweet, Happy-tail-wagging 7-year- young Lab who visits the shop regularly with her dad, Larry.

Bailey was born in Phoenix, AZ and moved to this area as a puppy. Larry was impressed with the amount of strength it took for her to make the journey, which included a 2-hour layover in Dallas, without a single accident. Wow.

Before I was able to finish asking, "what is Bailey's favorite...", Larry chimed, "eating." Bailey. Loves. Food. While she is not a fussy eater, she enjoys meals topped with turkey, Greenies and snacking on whatever samples we have in the shop that day.

This girl may have quite the appetite, but she burns all of those cookie calories stalking squirrels or rabbits, while cruising around town and Oakbourne Park.

At the top of Bailey's favorites' list is water. We are witness to the many bowls this gal consumes in a single shop visit. If she finishes a bowl, she will be sure to let us know it's time to refresh.

In addition to consuming copious amounts of water, Bailey loves hanging out in and near the water. On a recent trip to Malibu Beach (Longport Dog Beach), she exhibited a fondness for digging holes.

Be sure to say hello to this easy-going adventure gal when you see her powering down the streets with her Dad; she will be sure to greet you with a warm hello.

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