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Doggie in the Spotlight - Jim

Say hello to Jim! This energetic Dachshund/Lab was born at the Chester County SPCA and found his forever home after four months of life at the shelter. In June, this cutie-patootie will be celebrating his fourth year on Earth with his awesome dad, Mike.

Jim is happiest when fetching sticks and was given the nickname "Master of Sticks". (We've seen videos of this mighty powerhouse running with tree limbs!). Fetching sticks is his most favorite pastime and he also enjoys swimming, going on walks through town and playing soccer at the park.

When Jim comes to the shop, he greets us with a little hello, a sweet little dance and so many kisses which always earns him more than a few treats. At home, Jim enjoys snacking on carrots and Greenies.

Jim's mantra: "Get sticks and chill."

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