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December Doggie in the Spotlight

Hello everyone! Say hello to Sampson!

Sampson is a 10 year young Pit Bull who enjoys his role as co-pilot on all of life's adventures with his Mom.

This handsome fella is living the sweet life after a traumatic beginning. He was found by his Mom's client after being struck by a car in Cherry Hill, NJ at the age of 18 months. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now this lucky dog gets to work at a pilates studio, enjoys dancing, warming up by the fire, finding mussels and dead crabs on the on the beach, and prefers sleeping on his Dad's side of the bed.

Sampson loves eating chicken; in the shop, he will clearly let us know he would like more treats. It's hard to resist this sweet boy's requests (so we keep treating him until it's time for him to keep moving on...)

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