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The Best Dog of May 2020

Say hello and Happy (belated) Birthday to Nugget! This sweetheart celebrated her 1st birthday on May 1!

This cutie-patootie resides in the Borough of West Chester and is enjoying life with a doting family. The beginning of Nugget's life was challenging, but was overwritten with great fortune.

This lucky gal found her way from West Virginia as a puppy; she was abandoned on the side of the road with her siblings and then ended up in a kill shelter. Thankfully, this was only a speed bump on the journey; the puppies were rescued and fostered by HINDE Animal Safe Haven until loving homes were found...

Sarah, Nugget's Mom, says, "it was love at first sight."

(Adoption day!)

(Yay, Nugget has a human sister!)

Nugget enjoys a vibrant life playing with tennis balls and making messes. She also LOVES snuggling with her Dad, eating duck treats and gnawing on smoked marrow bones.

Nugget would like to remind us all -- "Happiness is only a belly rub away."

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