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The Best Dog(s) of April 2020


We hope you and your loved ones are doing well on this gorgeous day. While life for many of us has changed in pretty dramatic ways, we are taking this opportunity to enjoy more time with our dogs, while reflecting on our amazing community. While we miss seeing you and your dogs (the highlight of EVERY day in the shop!), we know this blip in our lives is temporary and our doors will be wide open with copious amounts of sample treats and free cuddles one day very soon.

In the meantime, we continue to connect virtually and are warmed by the stream of photos and videos you send us, which in turn, inspired us to bring the dog blog back to life. Welcome to The Best Dog(s) of April 2020.

Each month we'll select a dog (or family of dogs) to highlight, so please continue to keep in touch, tag us in your photos, etc.; we'll reach out to see if you'd like your Mister Snuggle Kisses or Miss Sweet Pea Squirrel Chaser to appear in a future edition. This is immense fun for us and we would love to show your best dog(s) off to the rest of the community.

And so now, without further ado, I'd like to introduce Lucy (aka, Lucy Lue) and Bear (aka, BearBear):

Lucy Lue: “It’s not about how many people love you, it’s about how much a few people love you.”

Lucy, a beautiful mix of Rhodesian Ridgeback, Black Lab and Golden Retriever, found her way into the hearts of Jen and Scott in March 2017. She arrived at the Brandywine Valley SPCA as a stray in terrible condition, but her life took a sweet turn as she joined her new doting family.

Now at the age of about 12, Lucy enjoys lounging on the couch, while ensuring to make each pillow her home. She can also be found nestled on piles of dirty clothes, perhaps dreaming of some of her favorite adventures: car rides with the windows down (rain, sun, wind, snow or shine!), walking by Dad's side (look Ma, no leash!) and trips to Coopersmith Park.

Pizza crust is Lucy's absolute favorite food. Excitement for the #carbsarelife ensue the moment the pizza box exits the freezer or when she sees the piece de resistance: a New Haven pizza box.

Lucy's parents describe her as "fiercely independent and incredibly loyal. She is the Beyonce of dogs."

BearBear: “Live where you are, bro.”

This Southern gentleman made the trek from a Kentucky shelter to the Providence Animal Center, which is where he was adopted in December 2017. One cannot understand why anyone would surrender this incessant tail wagging-Shepard-Siberian Husky-Cocker Spaniel mix, but he hit the jackpot with his new family.

Bear is about 10 years young and is a lover of life. He is happiest showering his family with hours of cuddles-and-snuggles or simply sleeping in the sunniest spot of the house.

Bear is also a foodie; a lover of all foods. His family believes he would "sell his soul for Mika & Sammy's chicken strips."

Life is pretty awesome for Bear until the vacuum comes to life, at which point, he ensures his toys are protected from the terrifying machine. Bear also tries his best to keep the squirrels away, but they continue to elude his chase.

In addition to being a lover of life, Bear is also a remarkable teacher. "Bear is a pretty chill dog who reminds us to slow down and enjoy everything."

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