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Doggie in the Spotlight - Pickle


Pickle swings by the shop most days and seems to have a singular motive: eat all the treats. You can see the determination in Pickle's eyes as he pulls his mom Jessica through the door and to the counter where the treats reside.

Pickle is a 2 year-young Chihuahua-Beagle-Jack Russell Terrier fella who loves walking into town to visit several establishments for a daily allotment of treats. Pickle charms us with his dancing and kisses making it hard to resist giving him all of the treats. We are trained though, knowing Pickle has lost five pounds since finding his forever home in July 2018. (This sweet boy received a lot of pork chops prior to his healthy new routine.)

Besides walking two miles a day, Pickle loves cuddling while loafing on the couch. Pickle loves people and is full of confidence, especially when it comes to showing off his mad dancing skills. This tiny lil' dancer is living his best life with his mom and sister-cat.

Pickle's motto -- Have treats, will travel.

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